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Born on the 14th of December, 1987, BC native Scott Phillips has always made art the focus of his passions. Scott’s natural orientation towards the arts was clear at an early age. His sketches and drawings litter his household as if they marked his history as a budding artist. Those talents carried over into his high school years, where he began exploring his interests in specialized courses such as Drafting and Design. It was also through these courses where Scott discovered his outlet into the world of computer graphics.

Immediately after his high school graduation, Scott knew he wanted to incorporate his life-long artistic interests into his career path. He successfully enrolled in the Digital Animation Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and earned a Management Certificate with honours. At BCIT, Scott honed his skills and became equipped with the knowledge in operating advanced, industry-relevant tools. His time at BCIT was both challenging and rewarding as it equipped him with the skillsets through which he was able to express his unique, artistic stylings in applied, concrete ways. 

Career wise Scott has excelled, going from a Junior Lighter to Lighting & Compositing Supervisor within 5 years. He is inspired and motivated by a variety of sources – including music, film, fashion, graphic design and of course the work of other artists. Scott’s ability to strive for quality and push the envelope is a never-ending quest that drives both his professional and personal life. It is his thirst for constant progress in his artwork that continuously reasserts his passion and belonging in the world of computer graphics.

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